Self Healing Leadership

I guide leaders facing big transitions into a space where they can face their fears and transform their teams. The Self Healing Leadership newsletter gives you the ability to see, hear, and feel what it is like to go inside and do this transformative work.

My ikigai is guiding people through Self Healing Leadership – a practice designed to help leaders recognize the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that create resistance in their decisions, conversations, and actions; heal what holds them back or what they are holding back; and bring their truest Self into their mission.

There are three different ways I am working toward my mission:


You don’t need more tips on leadership. You need a safe space and a guide to help you discover and release the tensions and frictions that are holding you back so that you can bring your truest SELF into every decision, conversation, and interaction.


Self Healing Leaders are founders, executives, owners, and managers; who are actively pursuing personal, professional, and spiritual growth; who leverage an organization as a fulcrum to solve some big problem.


We are in the early stages of building a simple product to make 1:1s massively more valuable for everyone and to help leaders grow their impact through better coachable moments.

When you join the newsletter, I will also send you information about these three projects so you can dive deeper into any that interest you.

Be well!